Time Tested Office Design Hacks That Enhance Your Brand

Several Businesses are emerging in Lagos state – Nigeria. Beyond sales branding a key factor that contributes immensely to your business health. Most businesses make these incomplete assumptions;

– It’s all about our product and sales strategies.

– It’s all about our business strategic planning.

– Its all about our Networking strategies.

– It’s all about our team work.

The list is endless. For the Smart Entreprenuer, It’s all about the 4 “P” – Product, Place, Product, & Promotions…..

Your place of business is your brand. The level of comfort and ambiance created by your work place environment can positively boost and influence the following:

– Increase your bottom line

– Bring in more clients

– Attract and retain great employees

– Improve your productivity and that of your employees

– Ensure your brand image is at the forefront of your client’s thoughts from the moment they walk in the front door of your office.

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It possible Increase productivity by using simple space planning and branding strategies. You can implement them right now in these 5 easy steps:

1. Implementing Ergonomic strategies in your office. This will decrease workplace injuries (and lower insurance costs.

2. Improving your lighting by using more LED fittings to enhance the work environment and employee engagement.

3. Improve employee moral through the layout of your space. Rework the layout plan. Avoid over crowded office. An open plan design may work better.

4. Use creative combination of color and furnishings to pull of comfort of the office space.

5. Let your office reflect your brand.

Whether you have an office space or work from home you can improve your productivity and increase your profits and capture your client’s attention from the moment they walk in the door.

Now it’s your turn to attract more clients, working with your architect in Lagos or any region of the world will help improve your brand for increased employee productivity and upscale your bottom line!

RELATED: Unique Work Place Ideas You cant afford to miss NOW!

We are passionate about bringing our client’s brand to bear through the design of their space.

Does your office look like a throwback to the last century? You can have it the way you have always wanted.

Let’s get started.


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