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Welcome To The Home Builder’s Fundamentals Course

The Home Builders Fundamental Course uses a step-by-step approach that simplifies the process of designing, building your home so that it aligns with your project dreams and goals.

It’s an online program of step-by-step process to navigate your project with confidence and clarity. Even if you’ve never renovated or built before

IMarcpro Architects Home Builders Course


If You’re Looking for a Way to Make Building experience a Rewarding…Then you cannot afford to miss this course.

Say No To…..

1. Confusion when starting your project

2. Building and demolishing works that
derails project timelines

3. Working with the wrong project team (VERY devastating).

Think About This …..

Every single decision you make along the way can be the difference
between the best building experience or the nightmare you never imagined.

This is True….

There’s no getting around it… Your project is a big investment of money, time and emotion. You need to get it right.

Commercial Projects

Public Spaces

Residential Homes

You cannot afford to miss this.  Gain Clarity to Start Up Your Project. There is so much to Grab!

Team Management Skill

You can’t imagine being able to confidently stand on site each week and hold your own in conversations with your building team…You are no longer lost in the midst of the drawing details or construction processes.


Clarity and Organisation

Take that course that will help you…
#1 Have a stress-free building project
#2 Stay Organised Through Out the project
#3 Get Clarity on the entire Building Process
#4 Keep You empowered to Create your dream project.


Building Stages

Learn About the Different phases
The Pre- Contract Process
The Design Process
The Contract Process
The Construction Process
The Post Construction Process

Home Builders Tools

We Will Also Give You Exclusive Access to ALL Our Personal Tools That I Use to
Manage Projects on Budget and on Time…


Bonus #1 – Budgeting Template
Bonus #2 – Project Brief Maker
Bonus #3 – Home Programming Guide
Bonus #4 – Custom Home Development Blue print 
Bonus #5 – Planning Permit Requirements For Lagos State

IMarcpro Architects Home Builders Course

Module 1-2

The Pre- Contract Process.

IMArcpro Architects Course

Module 3

The Design Process.

IMArcpro Architects Course

Module 4

The Contract Process.

Let’s Build Something

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