5 Signs Your Office Needs a Face lift

Every Entrepreneurs’ dream is Growth, Expansion and Conquering New Frontiers. At some point the business expands, experiences growth and builds capacity. Suddenly there is obvious need to catch up with workplace trends. Then comes the dreaded question: Do we move or Do we need renovation?

While renovations cost money and time, an updated office can result in increased worker productivity, brand awareness and also drive up your bottom line.

Here are a few indicators that your office needs a face lift;

1. Insufficient work Stations

Your business has grown. You are struck by the lack of space and need to rethink the layout. Before you push one more desk into the corner or search for a new office space, consider consulting with a design professional. Designers who specialize in office space planning often have creative solutions to your space management problems and help you carry out the renovation. They are well aware of the psychological effects of space on clients and employees and can help you make decisions about the balance of comfort, privacy and flexibility.

Renovation Tips: Designers who specialize in office space planning often have creative solutions to your space management problems.

2. Outdated Furniture and Technology

If you haven’t purchased new desks and chairs in the last decade, you are missing out on some of the latest and greatest developments in ergonomics, not to mention your clients will wonder if you are cutting edge enough for them.

Renovation Tips: Consider the long term impact of an effective work environment on the enterprise.

3. Poor Lighting and Ventilation

Check the lighting in each office. Is there enough natural light? Lighting has a huge impact on productivity. If necessary, add task lighting, preferably full spectrum light. Consider replacing those air conditioning units. Add some plants, they improve indoor air quality in addition to other alot of other health benefits.

Renovation Tips: Add some plants they improve indoor air quality

4. Worn Out Walls, Floors, Ceiling & Toilet Fittings

Sooner or later, every office cries out for new flooring and a fresh coat of paint. Check out those high traffic patterns and consider installing super durable surfaces in those areas. Adding new colours and finishes (3D Patterns) on the wall can be a very effective way of livening the spaces and sparking creativity within your team.

Renovation Tips: Liven the work spaces and spark creativity within your teams.

5. The Building Looks and Feels Old

Sometimes we get tired of wearing the same shoes, same shirt, using the same phone driving the same cars. The same applies to buildings and interior spaces. We just get tired of the spaces and the external looks. It might just be the right time to spark up the looks with a few more renovation tips. Be sure to consult an expert as this can always be phased.

Renovation Tips: Be sure to involve an experienced Architect (Space Planning Expert). They can help save you money and time and ease the process so you can get back to focusing on what matters – running your business.

These are just a few of the most important items to consider as you move forward with your office renovation.

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